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Friday, Oct 8
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Virtual Panel
106 attending

Shifting data protection to the left

Historically, data security and privacy have been an afterthought for dev teams — something that someone else will handle after the application goes live. In today’s environment of large-scale data breaches and increasing privacy regulations, data protection as an afterthought is too little too late. Since software generates, processes and distributes all digital information, the most logical place to start any conversation around proactive data protection is with application developers. Join a panel of software architects and data security experts as they discuss real-life case studies and the importance of shifting security conversations to early in the product development lifecycle, to limit risk, save money and scale more effectively in the long run.

— Gus Hunt, CEO of Hunt Technology (formerly CTO of the CIA and Head of Accenture Federal Services Cyber Security division)
— Anand Tiwari, Principal Engineer at Dish Network
— David Kruger, Co-Founder of Absio Corporation, GDPR practitioner and member of the Forbes Technology Council
— Chris Meyer, Executive at Hardshare and Director of Partnerships for RIoT - Internet of Things

Kristy Matteson
Gus Hunt
Chris Meyer
David Kruger
Anand Tiwari
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