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Tuesday, Oct 5
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
94 attending

Stop Sifting and Start Designing: Reaching Your Career Goals in Design

As digital designers in today’s climate, we’re asked to learn a lot of different things and to be proficient in a lot of programs. It can be overwhelming!

We see you, and Jada is here to help!
Jada has experienced this firsthand in her Digital Design Career. It is not an issue that only plagues new designers -- learning new skills is continuously part of being a designer, and learning how to take on those new skills makes the job immensely more enjoyable, more efficient, and less stressful (jackpot!).

So how do we continuously gain these new skills and achieve our overarching career goals as designers?

This discussion will be about adopting a mindset and workflow to make it happen. And while learning the tools may seem like the task at hand, it’s not really all about the tools (spoiler: it’s about the skills).

Jada Hampton, Clique Studios

Jada Hampton
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