2014 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 17
6:00pm — 8:00pm
Ellie Caulkins Loft
619 attending

Denver Founders Network

Blowing The F#*K Up

We spend so much time in startups talking about the start. How do you: win your first traction, your first customer, your first round of funding. But once you’ve gotten over that first hill the work is just beginning. What now?

Every startup dreams of blowing up but what happens if you do? In this panel discussion with some of the brightest minds in the world of startups we will discuss how they grew their companies from a spark in to a bonfire. From big rounds of financing to landing the rain maker customer, we will discuss how do you get big FAST!

Each month, Denver Founders Network brings together one amazing entrepreneur to tell their story and field your questions. In our Denver Startup Week Edition we’ll feature the same laid back environment, the same audience Q and A and the same free beer on a slightly larger scale.

Elaine Feeney Wood - CEO of WayIn - www.wayin.com
Bryan Leach - Founder/CEO of iBotta - www.ibotta.com
Mark Geene - Co-Founder/CEO of Cloud Elements - www.cloud-elements.com