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Thursday, Oct 7
12:00pm — 12:30pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
93 attending

Productivity Hacks for PMs - Elevate Your Org with the Backlog

In this discussion, I’ll share how you can adapt product discovery techniques and no-code tools to transform your product backlog into a backlog ecosystem that saves you time by automating the little things.

If you are building out a new product process or looking to take your startup to the next level, join and learn how to build a product process that democratizes curated information, works for your stakeholders, and automates as much as possible. The product backlog will become a single source of truth, stakeholders will be able to provide and get the information they need, and product managers can free their time to focus on what matters most -- the product.

About the speaker: Skye Bacus currently leads product management at Brandfolder, a SaaS digital asset management platform owned by Smartsheet. She has 9+ years of product experience across a number of industries from healthcare to work & asset management. Her most recent experience at Brandfolder & Smartsheet have deeply influenced her perspectives around cross-functional collaboration at work.

Skye Bacus
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