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Monday, Oct 4
5:00pm — 6:30pm
28 attending

Connecting with Gen Z/Young Millennials for Effective Workplaces and Thriving Communities

Learn from Gen Z and Young Millennials directly! Our robust panel will feature expressed young leaders in different industries from diverse backgrounds for the juicy truth, so that you can elevate your leadership in the culture, brand, and messaging of your company or community. This generation is newly adding diversity of thought to entrepreneurial endeavors and taking a more entrepreneurial path in life-paving a new way for all of us. They are the future of our organizations and the world... Come to the table to listen, learn, engage, and integrate their brilliance, honest voices, and fresh ideas.

The discussion will be co-facilitated by Susannah Campora and Faith Lee.
Panel Speakers are:
-Andy Schumacher
-Stephanie Sapp
-Jackie Drummond
-Andrea Mora Cummings
-Tim Coleman
-Lou Valencia
-Nadine Machkovech

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