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Thursday, Oct 7
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
204 attending

Choosing a direction: Learning how to test ideas and designs

Test early, test often.
It’s a mantra that’s been proven successful time and again when it comes to innovation and design. So why aren’t you doing it? In the start-up world, when everything is moving so quickly, it can be easy to overlook or postpone collecting feedback from real people because of cost, time, or lack of preparation. Don’t let those things stop you. Valid data can be captured cheaply, quickly, and with half-finished products and strategies.

This talk will cover:
What is user testing and why is it important
How to plan for user testing
What are ways to make testing cheaper
What are ways to make testing quicker
How to test with different fidelities of concept and design
How to collect data more frequently
Opportunities for getting the whole team engaged
What to do with the insights/outcomes of research

A bit about us:
Ari Weissman is Sr Dir of UX + Community for a B2B SaaS product organization as well as an occasional lead instructor of UX Design with General Assembly. He has spent the past 15+ years in the world of user experience covering roles from user research and design discovery through interaction design and testing. I

Lys Maitland partner is currently the Manager of Experience Research at a national healthcare organization charged with overseeing the user research program supporting all digital product development. She has 20 years of experience in research and design, supporting Fortune500 companies in healthcare and financial services to better understand their users and create products to support them.

Ari Weissman
Lys Maitland
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