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Wednesday, Sep 16
9:00am — 10:00am
187 attending

Products in a Pandemic: A Look at How Startups are Adapting Product Offerings during COVID

Hear from successful, dynamic CEOs who have navigated COVID, in part, by adapting their product offerings to capture new opportunities. This panel will focus on how companies identified the adaptations to their products, what validation they went through and how they performed it amidst the pandemic, and how they motivated/energized their team and/or investors around the changes. Alongside the 3 CEOs, we'll also have perspective from one of the founders of the Boomtown accelerator program sharing his thoughts regarding Boomtown's portfolio companies and how they've adapted over the last 6 months.

Jose Vieitez
Caroline Creidenberg
Ryan Margoles
Brian Chen
Claire Coder
Ryan Margoles
Chelsea deMarrais
Jose Vieitez
Caroline Creidenburg
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