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Tuesday, Sep 15
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
182 attending

Wargames as Product Strategy Praxis: How Lessons From Wargames can Help you Ship Products and Build Strong Teams

Shipping products is rough. Product development is often full of false starts which then leads to lousy execution, and then when it all goes bad, a lack of will to kill products quickly.

That is where product strategy comes into play. However, having a strategy isn’t enough, as bad product strategy is just as likely to run into those issues as no product strategy at all. No one wants to feel like they’ve been punched in the face after months of work, however, the marketplace is brutal - not wanting it is not enough.

A good product strategy is critical to avoid these mistakes.

Enter: Wargaming, a tool used by both militaries and hobbyists to test their strategies with little to no risk.

Like wargaming, success, no matter how impressive your strategy, is not guaranteed. However, like wargaming, the right concepts can help any product manager increase their chance of success.

In this session, join Adam Thomas, Product Leader, and Strategist to learn:

In this talk, we will focus on the following lenses that will help you build a good strategy:

The external constraints that affect your product (“Let’s call these rules”)
The internal goals that you’ll need to hit (“Let’s call these bets”)
The acceptable amount of effort based on impact(“ Let’s call this resource allocation”).

And how wargaming will help you practice looking through those lenses - ultimately helping you to make a strong product strategy.

Adam Thomas
Kylie (Borgias) Kloeckner
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