2020 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 14
10:00am — 3:00pm
Virtual Social event
38 attending

Impact Founder Virtual StoryBus

Impact Founder is looking for business owners to feature who have dealt with adversity during this global pandemic and have pivoted successfully. Examples of pivots could be starting a new company, increasing revenue with a new product out of the pandemic, or increased hiring. We are also looking for individuals who have achieved success during this time and are willing to share their stories on how they were able to achieve this during these uncertain times.

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About Impact Founder
Impact Founder is an independent social impact media company with a solution. We tell the untold stories, through in-depth inquiries delving into the failures and triumphs of entrepreneurs.

After there were two suicides of startup founders and the sudden death of a third, Kristin Darga created Impact Founder to do whatever she could to help alleviate the feelings of inadequacy, isolation, stress, depression and suicide among founders by sharing real stories of real entrepreneurs' struggles and successes

Olivia Omega
Hybrid Events for 2020
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