2020 Schedule

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Social Events

Tuesday, Sep 15
5:00pm — 6:30pm
Virtual Social event
124 attending

Social Quiztancing: Live Trivia Keeps your Distancing Social | Sponsored by Molson Coors

Social Quiztancing is a live trivia event to facilitate networking during Startup Week, all while having some non-spectative fun. You will be an active participant split into a small team vying with other groups, as you flex your trivia knowledge across disparate topics like art, pop culture, history, science, etc. Rounds are delivered in multiple formats from standard question-answer to audio to puzzle. Formed in Denver at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, SQ was created to help professional groups keep their distancing social. Remote team-building will benefit many organizations long-term. Feel free to grab a drink, and enjoy yourself during this networking event!

A huge thanks to our Happy Hour Sponsor, Molson Coors.

John Wilker
Hybrid Events for 2020
Starting 5 minutes before a session is live, use the link below to join the live studio audience. If a session fills up, you can also check it out on YouTube Live, embedded below.
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