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Wednesday, Sep 16
10:00am — 11:00am
123 attending

Costs and Pricing for Food Makers

How are you pricing your food products, whether packaged for resale, or direct to consumers in food service? Do you feel confident that you really understand your production costs and have set your prices correct? Come hear how Ellen Daehnick of Helliemae's Caramels and Zach Martinucci of Rebel Bread approach costs and pricing. They'll share their approaches and answer your questions.

About Helliemae’s and Ellen

Helliemae’s means retro treats with a twist: Helliemae is Rosie the Riveter’s best friend, a sassy 1940s broad who spends time canning produce from her Victory Garden after a shift at the WWII munitions factory. Helliemae’s caramels and sauces are all about nostalgia, amped up with great ingredients.

The best caramel is complex, intense, and a little challenging, with notes of coffee, chocolate, even whiskey and tobacco. That caramel? It’s hard to find, even in this age of salted caramel everything. So Ellen Daehnick started making her own: smoky and rich, with a ton of the best butter and cream for a fresh, exquisite texture. Now Ellen is bringing the operational economics from Helliemae's to other artisan food makers with Makernomics.

Ellen’s background is in consulting and technology, and she has a BA from Rice University and an MBA from Columbia University. She lives in Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood with her husband, Chris, their giant schnauzer, Whiskey Bear, and their foundling rabbit, Jorge.

Ellen Daehnick
Zach Martinucci
Michael Ostrow
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