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Wednesday, Sep 16
5:00pm — 5:30pm
84 attending

Shopping for Good! The story of how we build style, community and philanthropy in Denver.

Shopping for Good! The story of how we build style, community, and philanthropy in Denver.
Six years ago, I left my VP job to experiment, to try an idea I had been thinking about for many years. I wanted to elevate style and fashion in Denver, but I did not want to be locked-into a brick and mortar store. I wanted to pop-up each season with fresh fun seasonal clothes that you don't find at the mall. I wanted to bring women together to shop, network, dance and do what we do so well, have fun together. So I took a sabbatical (I am aware of the privilege!). My husband said: you have 6 months to make it work. Project Style Denver launched its first pop-up shop in 2014 in the home of my former boss, the fabulous Christine Benero, CEO of Mile High United Way. More than 100 women came to shop over a long weekend. We shopped, we laughed, we complemented each other, and we had great fun. I hosted the following pop up in my home; another successful event. So successful that I quickly realized I could no longer host it in a home. It w as time to find space to pop-up. Soon after, I began working with nonprofits in Denver to host the pop-up shops as a fundraising event. Project Style's list of fashionistas grew to over 500 shoppers, added to that was the nonprofits supporters and we ended up with a fundraising fashion event every spring and fall in Denver.. My philanthropic giving is four times what it was when I was writing checks on my own. The combined contributions of each sale add up, and they are donated to wonderful organizations doing great work in Denver.

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