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Tuesday, Sep 15
2:00pm — 2:30pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
93 attending

The Business Case for Voice: Amazon Alexa & More

Smart speakers are the fastest-growing consumer technology in the United States. While large technology companies are currently dominating the voice space, small and mid-range companies are missing out on opportunities to generate revenue, build customer loyalty, and stay competitive. 

This presentation will help you better understand the benefits of voice design--both for your customers and within your organization--by examining processes that can be streamlined through conversational UI. Learn how voice-driven experiences can improve accessibility, increase safety, and build revenue. We will provide industry examples and resources to help inspire your next (or first!) voice project.

Hosted by: Rebekah Sosa and Sarah Safranski - both UX and Conversational Designers who have been building Alexa skills in partnership with Amazon for the past two years. They’ve launched four skills with Meditation Studio and Muse, the Brain Sensing Headband, including Muse Meditation and Goodnight Kiddo, which was nominated for two Webby Awards.

Rebekah Sosa
Sarah Safranski
Castle Searcy
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