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Wednesday, Sep 16
2:00pm — 3:00pm
384 attending

Product Mindset: The Practical Transformation from Product Follower to Product Leader

In this session, Slalom will share a practical approach to improve your Product Management capabilities to create products that customers love.

Building product discovery and delivery capabilities can feel like boiling the ocean. Slalom’s Product Mindset offers a pragmatic approach to help companies align on principles, roles, team structure, and practices to delight your customers.

Product Mindset describes how leading tech companies like Slack, Twilio, DocuSign, HubSpot, Pluralsight and others create a culture of innovation and customer delight. It includes alignment on strategy and OKRs, data-driven decisions, optimizing for team-based delivery, and promoting learning to make pivot-or-persevere decisions.

Slalom's Product Mindset Capabilities Canvas covers all levels of the organization, from executives to the people doing daily discovery and delivery and provides a framework to improve at all levels. Attendees will learn to organize, think, and act in new ways that allow them to move faster to the market with better products.

Thomas Vela
Keith Klundt
Elaine Yang
Ryan Margoles
Arjita Ghosh
Arjita Ghosh
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