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Wednesday, Sep 16
12:00pm — 1:00pm
104 attending

The Peaks & Valleys of Funding & the Outdoors

It may not come as a surprise that access to capital is frequent roadblock most entrepreneurs face, especially while living in a global pandemic. During this session you will hear from successful entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry that have overcome challenges both before and during Covid-19 days.

Whether you are looking for debt or equity financing, the amount of information is overwhelming and knowing the best option for your business can be a time consuming matrix. Join us in hearing about the financing journeys' of these entrepreneurs and how they are able to navigate the current climate.

Kelly Waters, Western Rise
Darcy Conover, Corbeaux Clothing
Jonathan Ballesteros, Geyser Systems

Lauren Kloock, Colorado Lending Source

Amanda Peck
Lauren Kloock
Michael Ostrow
Kelly R Watters
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