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Wednesday, Sep 16
2:00pm — 3:00pm
161 attending

This Land Was Made for You and Me: Diversity and Inclusion in Outdoor Rec

People of color and other diverse identities have long been underrepresented in the outdoor industry and in its marketing campaigns, despite their undeniable purchasing power. While this panel is focused on outdoor recreation, it is applicable in a number of different industries. Improving the way that outdoor recreation is represented in the public sphere and creating spaces where diverse identities are encouraged to take part in the great outdoors has become more important than ever before…and it will also lead to improvements to your bottom line. As stewards of the outdoor industry, we have a duty to take on racial, ethnic, and other divides and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our outdoor communities. Our diverse panel of professionals working in the Outdoor Recreation industry will address the following hot topics related to diversifying the great outdoors:

• Barriers to Diversity in the Outdoor Industry
• Initiatives to Increase Diversity in the Outdoor Industry
• Increasing Market Share by Increasing the Outdoor Industry Market
• Ideas for How We Can All Help Tackle This Issue Head-On

The panel will be moderated by Mike Dill (Holland & Hart), and panelists include Kuliema Blueford (Camber Outdoors), Awanti Sura (Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office), and Annelise Loevlie (Icelantic Skis).

Mike Dill
Kuliema Blueford
Annelise M Loevlie
Jennifer Stark
Awanti Sura
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