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Tuesday, Sep 15
10:00am — 11:00am
Virtual Panel
197 attending

Commercial Real Estate, Placemaking & the New Gig Economy

PART ONE: Interview with Jason Shepherd
Commercial Real Estate is changing, allowing entrepreneurs and creatives a greater and more flexible access to space than ever before. Part One will explore the opportunity for an entirely new economy to emerge within the practice of placemaking through the creative use of space.

PART TWO: Interview with Armando Silva
From the urban core to rural downtowns, murals can be found across Colorado. Part Two will explore the ins and outs of building a career as a muralist while contributing to a community's identity through creative placemaking.

JASON SHEPHERD is an investor, entrepreneur and community builder. Over the past 15 years, he has been reimagining the role of property owners, galvanizing them to serve as hosts to connect community Jason is cofounder of Atlas Real Estate, Archipelago and REACTIV. His real estate companies have purchased and deployed 750 mm into residential and commercial investment assets. He is regularly referenced and featured in local and national media for his work as an entrepreneur, investor and dynamic thinker. https://reactiv.io

TIM SACK is an entrepreneur and designer whose career has focused on developing a narrative between human experience and physical space. He brings his expertise in placemaking and crafting environments to the Reactiv team to oversee their activations and creative ideation of space usage. Most recently, Tim was instrumental in the concept and execution of the Tennyson House Project, creating placemaking in three vacant 100 year old homes in the Berkley neighborhood. Providing income and opportunity for over 30 artists and creators while adding vibrancy and community space to the neighborhood. https://reactiv.io

ARMANDO SILVA is a painter, muralist, and performer who uses his artistic superpowers to tell powerful stories, build community, and inspire audiences through art. His artistic practice focuses on public art that tell personal stories, created on canvases in his studio or at times created through live art in front of thousands. Armando's large-scale mural installations give communities a way to communicate messages that can't always be said in words. Armando has been celebrated for his collaborations with cities, non-profits, businesses, and educators across the state and beyond. http://www.artmandosilva.com

ALEXIS NEWTON is an activist, people connector, arts educator, and social change leader and she is passionate about creative economies, impact investing, and the entrepreneurial space. She loves to support start-ups that have a social impact and connect like-minded people to one another. Alexis is a proponent of the arts community and has a passionate heart for Latino art and culture.
Alexis is the Senior Manager of Programs and Development at the Village Exchange Center where she is part of the team that manages the Left Behind Workers Fund which has distributed millions of dollars since its inception into the undocumented community in Colorado. https://www.impactcharitable.org/workers-fund

Jason Shepherd
Jason Shepherd
Tim Sack
Armando Silva
Alexis Newton
Castle Searcy
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