2020 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 15
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
242 attending

Introducing Feature Debt, the unconventional sibling of Tech Debt

We have all heard of Tech Debt, and we're probably terrified of building too much that our team stops being able to deliver. However, a less commonly discussed, but just as powerful issue also exists - Feature Debt. Feature Debt is simply the accrued cost of constantly adding new functionality into your product or system instead of building better, more complete solutions. At best you have more expensive product delivery and, at worst, you run the risk of losing your customers and your team. In this session you will learn how you amass Feature Debt, the impact, and how to avoid the issue altogether. The number of features that causes Feature Debt will differ for each organization, but none are immune to building too much.

David London
Kylie (Borgias) Kloeckner
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