2019 Schedule

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Friday, Sep 20
3:00pm — 5:00pm
Location TBA
70 attending

Commons on Champa Pitch Prep & Power Hours

The Commons on Champa hosts regular Power Hours Group Sessions for entrepreneurs to meet with some of the most well-respected entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts and professionals in the region. Volunteer mentors share their entrepreneurial insights and provide feedback on startups, products or services, industries, or fledgling ideas.

It’s not a pitch event. Power Hours volunteers are here to help others navigate the entrepreneurial journey. It’s a chance for entrepreneurs to ask for feedback and advice that can help them meet their business challenges and goals.

Power Hours are held weekly at The Commons on Champa and are free and open to the entrepreneurial public. All participants are highly encouraged to attend the one-time Commons Community 101 to learn more about local entrepreneurial resources and best practices in building mentor relationships.

Power Hours Agenda
3-4 PM: Give Your Pitch for Feedback

4-5 PM: Power Hours Group Session
Introductions, 10 minutes – Who you are, what you’re working on (in 30 seconds)
Lightning Round, 10 minutes – List your top 2 questions or challenges where you’d like help or feedback (in
Discussion & Q&A, 40 minutes – Mentor facilitates discussion about questions and challenges

How to Prepare
A succinct introduction to you + your business
Top 3 challenges and goals
The next best lead I need is… (what introduction, resource, connection, etc would be helpful to you today?)

About Paul Foley

SUPERPOWER: Getting Revenue and Raising Capital
Paul co-founded and sold the tech startup Augur to BounceX, which is one of the largest databases, graphing 500 million devices per month. Paul now invests in early-stage startups. His company SmartCapital provides software to angel groups and accelerators to automate the syndicate and investment process. Paul is a Colorado native and leads the largest startup community in Colorado, Colorado Startups.

MISSION: Democratize funding across the globe, make the barriers of entry for startups lower, and impact positively as many entrepreneurs as humanly possible.

READ MORE: https://paulnfoley.com/

To learn more about becoming a Power Hours mentor, click here: https://forms.gle/EeFF31wWWSV6dK9R7