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Thursday, Sep 19
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
151 attending

Five Numbers to Fixate On! featuring Co-founder & CEO of Creative Startups, Dr. Alice Loy

If you are a founder, you are in a race against time, striving to hit profitability before your new venture runs out of money. Alternatively, you might be aiming to raise investment before you run out of money. Either way, to build a successful business model, you needto understand five key numbers: (1) Cost of Customer Acquisition, (2) Lifetime Value of Customer, (3) Sales Cycle Length, (4) Sales Conversation Rate and (5) Burn Rate.

This hands-on workshop is for founders envisioning or building a growth business model. No complicated or contortionist calculations required. Business math is easy if you know what to count!


Co-founder & CEO of Creative Startups, Dr. Loy has over 20 years experience working with entrepreneurs in the creative industries. Widely considered a leading authority on entrepreneurship in the creative economy, Dr. Loy built the Creative Startups Accelerator with a vision for catalyzing high growth company formation in the under-served creative economy. Today the accelerator operates on four continents serving 50+ creative companies each year. With over 100 global mentors, an international network of investors, and 180+ alumni companies, Creative Startups has become the leading creative industries accelerator.

In 2018 Alice co-authored the ground-breaking book, Creative Economy Entrepreneurs: From Startup to Success which makes the case for regional investment in creative economy entrepreneurs and provides economic catalysts and leaders practical advice on building creative economies through entrepreneurship.