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Thursday, Sep 19
10:00am — 11:30am
Location TBA
367 attending

How to Build A Business for Free

Want to start a business? Ok, but before you start selling, first, spend months writing a business plan so you can take out a loan. Then, we can see if your idea is a success…

Does the above look familiar? That’s the traditional way to start a business. While this way can work, for most people, it’s just not obtainable. As the leading alternative business school, we’ve proved over and over again that you don’t need business plans or loans to start a business. Plans and debt don’t help you make sales; learning tangible skills and test driving your product/service does.

During this session, a representative from the PopUp Business School will share a different outlook on business startups. Her talk will focus on the steps people can take, no matter their background or economic position, to start working for themselves and how they can create their own American Dream, WITHOUT debt or loans.