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Monday, Sep 16
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Location TBA
338 attending

Breweries & Distilleries of Denver: A Vision of Change

We'll sit down with a panel of Brewery and Distillery owners from the Denver area and hear their visions and journeys to shake the industry. And let me tell you.. The journey wasn't all fun and games..

Many of these owners started their business with a strong vision and stuck to that vision while curve-balls came around every corner.. But they didn't give up..

They had enough faith in their product and a strong enough desire to get their beverage into people's mouths.

Now their businesses are thriving and continuing to grow every day.

Did I mention you'll get to taste their products too?

William Stuart - Owner, Colorado Sake Brewing Co
Kraig Weaver - Owner, The Block Distilling Co
Matthew Osterman - President, Sleeping Giant Brewing Co
Justin Baccary - Owner, Station 26 Brewing
Charlie Berger - Co-Owner, Denver Beer Company
Michelle Reding - Co-Founder, Dry Dock Brewing Co

Michael Ostrow - Owner, Massive Pockets