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Monday, Sep 16
4:00pm — 5:30pm
229 attending

IMPROV-ing Creativity, Communication and Ideation through Play

This session focuses on the power of collaboration and fostering an open space for people to freely express their ideas, without judgement, to contribute to the creation of ideas.

Our backdrop to explore this uninhibited communication will be through improvisation. Improvisation as an art form relies on saying ‘yes and...’ as well as active listening to create sustainable scenes on stage. All of these skills are vital to group collaboration.

Unfortunately, the corporate world inherently stifles this kind of communication for a variety of reasons (all of which will be explored in this session). We will work to break down those barriers leaving attendees with insights, skills, as well as perspectives into how to improve communication and curate an optimal atmosphere for collaboration in their organizations.

Hosted by: Connor Duffey, Improv Coach & Leadership Development Professional

Location TBA

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