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Wednesday, Sep 18
10:00am — 11:30am
Location TBA
289 attending

Leadership & the Hard Stuff: Layoffs, Pivots, and Taking 100% Responsibility

Join Yoav Lurie (Simple Energy), Devon Tivona (Pana), Natty Zola (Techstars), and Amy Baglan (MeetMindful & Fabriq) for an intimate conversation about what is truly required to pull off some of the hardest things you’ll ever go through as a founder.

Panelists will share what they've learned from orchestrating company pivots, layoffs, and restructurings, and what it takes to assume 100% responsibility for these changes. We'll hear from people as they struggled with questions such as:

  • Are we fulfilling on our vision?
  • Do we really need to go through a round of layoffs?
  • Is it crazy to run two products at once?
  • Have I just ruined our company culture?
  • Can we come back from this?

Let’s face it: as a founder, you’ll never escape going through the hard stuff. But if you leave with just one take away from this talk, the road ahead in leadership will be a little less lonely.