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Wednesday, Sep 18
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Location TBA
79 attending

Aliens Invade DSW

Take equal parts analog machinery and cloud-based, serverless computing -- add a healthy dash of modern IoT and serve in a chilled glass of 80’s nostalgia.

Come watch and learn as we discuss the life-sized, analog ‘Space Invaders’ game we built to demonstrate and teach the orchestration of multiple IoT devices towards a common goal. Each alien is an autonomous device working in a shared experience that reproduces the game play of the arcade classic.

We will demonstrate the creation of an individual alien during the session and then integrate it with larger swarm, followed by a round or two of actual gameplay with the audience (who control the left and right controls of the Laser Cannon based on their volume)

We will make the code and the architecture of the platform available to session participants, but this is not a deep code dive, nor is any deep background in any architecture or experience necessary to enjoy and learn from what we showcase.

Come MAKE some fun with us!