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Wednesday, Sep 18
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Location TBA
205 attending

Breaking Down Hiring Barriers, Discover Local Skilled Talent | Interactive Workshop

As Colorado continues to establish itself as a technological hub, competition for talent has gotten fierce. Whether you are the only person working for your nascent company or you are tasked with tripling your staff in 6 months, you are feeling the pressure. The biggest thing you are lacking is time: you need the right talent, now, and word of mouth is moving too slowly.

Whether you are building a product, a food company, a consulting business or a dog grooming team, a digital tool exists to help you find the skilled talent that will help you get to market or your next round. Leveraging tools also ensure that you are hiring blind: traditional hiring methods can reinforce systemic inequalities creating a culture of “more of the same”. Is this representative of our values as Coloradans and is there a better way to find more qualified and diverse talent?

Advances in digital tools will also help job seekers navigate industry transitions and showcase their skills in ways not available in the traditional resume.