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Wednesday, Sep 18
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Location TBA
390 attending

What is your relationship with TIME? Can we change our own concept of time?

"The days sure are long, but the years go so fast!"... said just about every entrepreneur, parent, artist, or human... How is this possible yet so true?! As our cities rise and spread, and our phones get faster and smarter, time just keeps slipping away and we seem to have less of it... How can we maximize our time by looking at time in a different way? What if we looked at ourselves as 'Time millionaires... or even time billionaires?... where every second was a dollar?... How does this change the relationship of time and money? How does this change our association with time and work? Time and play? How can we alter our decisions around our time by visualizing how we spend it?
Join as we assemble an eclectic, thoughtful group to challenge our context of time and help us relish the experiences of our times, past, present or future....