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Wednesday, Sep 18
8:00am — 9:30am
Location TBA
200 attending

Junior to CTO: Career Insights Panel

Career path conversations + Q&A. Yan built a successful web agency, then took an offer to become a CTO. Olga graduated CU's code bootcamp & landed a job at Dish Network. Nikita is a songwriter and a Full Stack Dev. Honest career insights & what it takes to make it in Denver tech.

Name: Yan O. - CTO @ Digital Ventures
Education: Self taught.

Name: Olga S. - Software Engineer @ Dish Network
Education: Self taught, B.S. Geography, a GIS Certificate, DU Full Stack Bootcamp Grad.

Name: Nikita O. - Full Stack Dev. @ RefiJet
Education: Self taught, B.S. Communications, Full Stack Bootcamp Grad.