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Wednesday, Sep 18
4:00pm — 5:30pm
302 attending

Do More Together: Making the Most of Your Business Friendships

What do pickles, zines, The Stanley Marketplace, digital storytelling, yoga, and sourdough have in common? Not much actually, except for when spun together into creative and unexpected business collaborations.

Networking might look different than you think. Come experience different perspectives on what it really means “to network,” and hear stories about the (sometimes-unlikely) connections and collaborations that come out of meaningful business friendships.

Then join us at the end of the session for Flow + Dough— a fun & funky yoga meets bread collaboration with Betterish and Rebel Bread.

Caleb Santiago Alvarado, Founder of Think-RAD
Emily Hope Dobkin, Founder of Betterish
Justin Park, Founder of The Real Dill
Zach Martinucci, Founder of Rebel Bread
Bryant Palmer, Founder of Oh Hey Creative

Industrious (Coworking Space)

1801 California Street, Suite 2400 (24th Floor)

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