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Thursday, Sep 19
10:00am — 11:30am
WeWork Triangle Building
237 attending

100% Carbon Free - How do we get there from here?

Together, the state of Colorado and Xcel energy are pushing towards aggressive carbon free targets. It's an exciting time in the clean energy economy and for the innovators driving towards a clean energy future. Xcel has made no secret that the technologies necessary to get us to 100% carbon free may not have been invented yet. Achieving the long-term vision of zero-carbon electricity requires technologies that are not cost effective or commercially available today. So what ARE the advanced technologies that can move the needle towards the 2050 goal? This is the time for big energy ideas and it's anyone's guess as to what silver bullet will push us across the 2050 line. Panelists include Bethany Sparn, NREL; Frank Novachek, Xcel Energy; Nicole Mendoza, Siemens Gamesa and Scott Frazier, Bright Energy.