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Monday, Sep 16
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Location TBA
416 attending

Women Who Take the Leap: Lessons Learned from the Earliest Days of Launching a Startup

In this all-female panel, 3 early-stage startup entrepreneurs in tech and consumer products will discuss how they finally decided to take the leap and go all-in on their businesses and the difficult lessons learned along the way. This will be a must-attend event for anyone thinking about going from an idea stage to starting a business, or those already in the trenches of starting-up. The panel will be moderated by Lee Mayer, CEO of Havenly, one of the fastest-growing startups in Colorado, who will also share her perspective on the early days of launching a business.

Lee Mayer (Moderator) - CEO & Co-Founder, Havenly. Lee started Havenly in 2013 to fill a void she herself encountered while updating her space, the need for quick, convenient and affordable interior design help. Lee has an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated from Columbia University. She formerly worked at Bain and Bankrate.

Shannon Erley (Panelist): CEO & Founder of Pomp Beauty. CEO & Co-Founder Ash Apothecary Hemp. Shannon's experience spans from brand development to growing brands digitally and on Amazon with domestic revenue of over $100M. She left her full-time job over a year ago to launch two businesses and consult for companies looking to grow on Amazon. Ash Apothecary is a local, organic Hemp/CBD line and Pomp is an assisted e-commerce skincare platform.

Rachel Vicknair (Panelist): CEO & Founder of Leopara. Rachel is a former global beauty educator who had a "light bulb moment" while traveling in Vegas and left her full-time gig a year later to develop and launch her invention; the world's 1st portable makeup lighting system. From sourcing and manufacturing overseas to assembling, warehousing, packing and shipping her products from home to managing the demands of recent TV, YouTube and IG features, Rachel knows all too well the challenges, struggles (and joys) of being a one-woman, self-funded startup.

Hayley Anderson: CCO + Co-Founder of soona. Hayley is a seasoned creative turned entrepreneur. With a background in animation and creative direction, she has had a vibrant and successful career working on creative teams at advertising agencies in the Twin Cities. She has led creative for brands like US Bank, BlueCross BlueShield and the US Treasury. Along with her co-founder Liz Giorgi, Hayley launched soona in December 2018. soona is a same-day photo and video service giving brands the ability to create professional photo and video for less than the price of stock.