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Monday, Sep 16
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Location TBA
217 attending

Just Send It: How Skiing Off a Cliff is like Bringing a Product to Market in the Outdoor Industry

Sending It (v.) - Committing fully to the task at it. Going all in.

Starting a business is like skiing off a cliff - it requires commitment, risk tolerance, and a little bit of crazy. From designing a product to creating a standout brand – starting a business is as exhilarating as it is exhausting. You won’t really know what you’re committing to until you start.

Learn from founders in the outdoor industry who have sent it into entrepreneurship as product manufacturers, service based companies, PR agency, and event creators.

We’ll talk MVP iterations, Kickstarter, branding, supply chains and the inevitable emotional burnout, sharing advice, lessons learned, resources, and anecdotes to inspire other startups and entrepreneurs to just send it.

Organized by:
Cat Wile, founder of Gear & Beer, a festival showcasing emerging brands and startups in the outdoor industry.

Hosted by:
Sarah Laughlin, CEO of Slope Threads


Kody Plavnicky, Co-Founder - Revel Gear
Lillian Hoodes, CEO of Trailfork
Justine Barone, CEO of Gearo
Clare J. Hefferren, Founder, Callosum