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Monday, Sep 16
2:00pm — 3:30pm
25 attending

Do It Fast or Do It Right: The Fallacy of Fixing Tech Debt Later

Startups are always pressed for time to get the next thing completed: Prototype, MVP, Version 1.0, and there is tremendous pressure to cut corners to get things done. The justification for building in tech debt from the start is that speed is critical and the tech debt will be fixed later. But when does later come? Successful startups never have more time than they do BEFORE they have customers demanding the next thing. and "we will fix it later" turns into "we will fix it if we have to." Unfortunately, fixing it when you have to is often too late from the perspective of the customer. In this talk, we will discuss strategies for balancing speed to market with the need to build a product that will support unencumbered startup growth.

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