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Monday, Sep 16
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
469 attending

Growing a Values-Oriented Culture from 3 to 300 (and beyond!)

This panel will be hosted at CTRL Collective - Denver LoDo, Wazee Street!

Lunch will be provided!

Culture is not something that should be frozen in time as you grow. As your company grows, how do you allow the culture to also grow and evolve, while also still retaining the roots and values you care about?

Join Ben Christensen, co-founder of Handshake, as well as a steller panel as they speak about lessons learned from scaling culture over the last few years of their growth.

The question of what it means to develop and grow culture as the company scales is a question we’ve faced every day for the last few years.

  • How do we make sure the team we’re building represents the world of students we are supporting? How do we build a culture that values and supports people of all backgrounds?
  • How do we celebrate past journeys and stories of the company in a way that brings in new employees rather than excludes them?
  • How do we let go of certain parts of the culture and allow them to adapt and change, and what should we NOT let go of?
  • How do we maintain a sense of cohesiveness across two office locations and distributed work-from-home team members?
  • When is the right time to establish structured values as a company and how do you infuse those into the company?

Panel Includes:
Alison Lawrence (moderator), Founder and CEO of Recruiting Innovation
Ben Christensen, Handshake Co-founder
Brittany Stich, Guild Education Co-founder and VP of Learning at Work
Derek Johnson, Head of Global Talent at Prologis and former Director of People at Return Path
Sarah Miller, VP of People & Culture at Havenly