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Wednesday, Sep 18
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Location TBA
190 attending

Shipping Container Infrastructure - How container buildings impact architecture, construction, and society

What happens to the millions of multi-colored steel boxes in shipping yards around the world - no longer being used to transport goods across oceans? Nothing.. Until we get our hands on them, that is. Containers are taking on an entirely new role from which they were originally built. Large multi-family projects are being built all over the US along with tiny home developments, office buildings, shopping malls, mobile kitchens, bars and operation centers - all from CONTAINERS! Our panel of experts will dive into the benefits, challenges, and positive impact that containerized infrastructure is having in the US and around the world. Join us for an informative and exploratory event that is all about the revolution of the shipping container!

Our panel will consist of the following container experts:
Anthony Halsch, CEO of Denver-based RoxBox Containers https://roxboxcontainers.com
John McCaskill, CEO of Denver-based HTBX International https://www.thehtbx.com/
Patrick McMichael, CEO of Denver-based Track Architecture https://www.trackarch.com/
Geo Morales, Construction Manager of RoxBox Containers