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Thursday, Sep 19
10:00am — 11:30am
Location TBA
139 attending

Taking Your Business Overseas Without Breaking the Bank

Launching a product in your local market is hard. How do you launch in a market or country with no existing network or ability to navigate the local language? We’ll walk through successes and failures during my time leading global product expansion at Intuit and DocuSign. Topics will include how to identify a target market, rapidly test, and iterate all while keeping your localization spend down. You'll walk away with actionable frameworks and local insights to guide you in your international expansion aspirations.

Nora Tucker has extensive experience launching B2B SaaS products on a global scale. She was the first product manager in Asia Pacific for Intuit, and helped lead their localization and launch of QuickBooks Online into Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, India and Hong Kong. She then led DocuSign’s international web revenue team, including marketing launches into Mexico and Spain. Earlier in her career, she also lived in Tokyo where she led a team of 30 Applications Engineers.

Based on her 7+ years of living and working overseas, Nora is passionate about building global product experiences from the beginning and has learned how best to spend limited resources (both engineering and budget) while testing your way into a market.