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Wednesday, Sep 18
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Location TBA
166 attending

Koalarado - the booming Australian startup scene in Colorado

The Australian tech scene has been booming in Colorado. In the last 5 years, the State has seen a 10x growth in Australian companies setting up operations and some big exits (Avoka, Noosa Yoghurt, etc).

This event will feature a panel discussion with successful local Aussie founders, followed by a social mixer with free drinks and snacks providing an opportunity to meet with representatives from the top aussie companies in town for networking and recruitment.

Topics for the panel will include: Why the growth in the local Australian tech scene? What are the challenges of moving here and managing a multi-national startup? Any tips for working at an Australian company - visas, culture, etc? How does the startup ecosystem down under differ, and can we learn? What has it been like to raise funding from within the State? What australian turns of phrase get you most into trouble?!


  • Geoff McQueen (Accelo)
  • Sean McCreanor (Assignar)
  • Rachael Skinner (Zuus Workforce)
  • Stewart McGrath (Section)