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Wednesday, Sep 18
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Location TBA
103 attending

A Binary Transformation from Knitting to Coding

Join me on a conceptual journey to understanding how programming concepts are a lot like knitting - and how learning to knit can help you learn to code, understand how code works, and help diversify your workforce! (It might also be good for your health!)

Wait, programming has something in common with knitting? Sure does! In knitting, the building blocks are Knit (K) and Purl (P). In coding, it’s also binary: 0s and 1s, true/false, if/else..
Knitting patterns are actually condensed, coded instructions for how to make a garment or knitted item. Just as code is condensed instructions that machines interpret to produce software, or control hardware, etc.
More complex knitting patterns, like the ones used to describe how to knit a sweater (i.e. top down in a single piece a.k.a. Raglan vs. in pieces that are seamed together), remind us of conceptually similar but distinct techniques in software architecture: mainly monolithic vs micro-service based architectures.

What this talk is about:
How knitting and coding are similar; How many things seem black or white or dualistic (or binary) but that the value is really in being open to the gray-area in between; How to mentally bridge the gap between things that we may be conditioned to believe or think are cut and dry.

What I hope you walk away with:
An expanded worldview, a less dualistic mindset, inspiration to teach yourself something new (whether that is knitting or coding or something else entirely that you didn’t feel like you had access to before), a change in your mindset, more flexibility and a fresh perspective.

What I hope you come with:
An open mind (ready for anything!), a desire to learn, a sense of humor, a friend!…. And feel free, if it is in your wheelhouse, to bring your knitting too 😉 (but no prior knowledge of knitting AND/OR coding required!)

while (atDenverStartupWeek)

Def learnSomethingNew(somethingNew(difficulty)) {
Try somethingNew(difficulty);

Def knitting(easyOrHarder) {

If(easyOrHarder == Easy) {
CO 18 sts;
K 4 rows;
Rows 1-4: Work 4 rows in Stockinette Stitch (knit one row, purl one row, repeat).
Row 5: K5, P7, K6
Rows 6-13: K5, P1, K6, P1, K5
Row 14: Repeat row 5
Rows 15-18: Repeat rows 1-4
K 4 rows;
BO all stitches;
} else {
//Attend class for pattern and instructions!