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Wednesday, Sep 18
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Location TBA
166 attending

Don’t be a Tool – Master Automated Testing with Autonomy

Quality has more to do with someone being proud of what they do than someone measuring something. – W. Edward Deming

Are you struggling to move to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?
Do you have a standard automation tool that your developers despise?
Do you have QA Engineers that only know manual testing and want to do learn automated testing?

Me too. I have been working with 2 different organizations over the past 4+ years trying to solve these problems. Well I finally found the answer.

Do not dictate what “Tool” your team uses to automate their quality testing. Allow your developers and QA Engineers to use their “Mastery and Autonomy” as software developers and testers to create test automation frameworks and tests.