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Friday, Sep 20
10:00am — 11:30am
185 attending

The Prototype Boogie: The Evolution of a Concept

If you’re running a product-focused startup, you have the unique challenge of turning that concept bouncing around in your head into a prototype—a physical representation of the business’ reason for being. Until this literal proof of concept exists, discussions with potential customers, investors and employees can be a bit challenging, so it is a crucial step in the development of the business.

Featuring a panel of 3-4 founders who have recently survived the prototype grind—or are still in it—this session will cover:
• Prototyping strategies
• Approaches to creating the prototype
• Funding the prototype development
• Protecting your concepts and designs
• Using the prototype to improve the product

Ultimately, the panelists’ perspectives will illustrate that yes, prototyping can get done. And it’s worth the hassles.

Margaret Davidson, www.bokkbaby.com
Shea Gerhardt, buderflys.com
Margaret Schnipper, trapperofcolorado.com
Paola Shah, tucketts.com

Location TBA

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