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Friday, Sep 20
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Rita's Law
252 attending

It’s Not You; It’s Your Office. Advancing Effective Office Design

The 9-5 is a dying breed, as is the environment it relied on. But, as we shift towards increasingly independent and mobile work structures, how can we craft office environments that:

  • Advance productivity
  • Attract and maintain talent
  • Articulate corporate culture
  • Foster connection and well-being

From the design to the amenities, the location to the lease terms, we’re rethinking the modern office: what works, what doesn’t, and how to find/craft/develop environments that are worth leaving home for.

This session pulls together panelists across a range of industries who are interfacing with entrepreneurs, developers, and business owners as they navigate the spatial realities of growth.

  • Ben Wright, Founder of Upsuite, an online platform that provides access to the largest, most thoroughly researched and constantly updated coworking inventory available.

  • Andy Paterson, Sales Director for Haworth, a leading office furniture company focused on the power of modular workspaces to inspire innovation and enrich productivity.
    Kristen Tonsager, Head of Interior Design for Clutch Design Studio, an elite group of Architects on a mission to create incredible additions to the built environment.

  • Adam Owens, Principal at CET & Associates, an Independent Manufacturer’s Representative firm that specializes in offering unique products and solutions to the residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors.

  • Maggie Smith, General Manager of Shift Workspaces. “We support the journey to working smarter, living better, and finding the balance between the two.”

  • Josh Marinos, COO of FORMATIV, a dynamic real estate development & economic development consulting company specializing in transformative urban projects and catalytic business ecosystems in Denver and nationally.

  • Mike Milligan of ALUR Wall Systems, an architecture and planning company with a broad portfolio of beautiful, modern and sustainable wall systems that make it possible for designers to strike the perfect balance between public places and private spaces.

  • Moderated by Matt Robertson, President and Architect at Clutch Design Studio