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Friday, Sep 20
10:00am — 11:30am
Location TBA
275 attending

Cannabis: The Perfect Market Size Test Tube

In this discussion with leading cannabis business executives, we'll talk about how the cannabis industry is paving the way for traditional markets to adopt new and innovative technologies and processes. As the most regulated industry in the world, custom solutions are being developed to meet the unique requirements related to maintaining a compliant chain of custody, managing a diverse workforce, handling the challenges associated with money movement, and more. Cannabis is the perfect market size test tube that has been surviving with very little, yet has proven to be creating lean, mean, revenue producing machines. What can we learn from the growth of cannatech solutions? Where are we already seeing cannabis-specific technology drive outside industry change? What does the future of cannatech look like?

Kyle Sherman, Flowhub
Keegan Peterson, Wurk
Carter Davidson, Vangst
Chris Znerold, Native Roots Dispensary

Moderated by: Lily Colley, Colley Capital