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Wednesday, Sep 18
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
252 attending

Rise of the Sharing Economy in the Outdoor Industry

The “sharing economy” has already revolutionized the taxi, hospitality, and freelance industries and thrives on big items that are expensive, hard to store, and that spend a lot of time not being used. Naturally, this trend is now taking the outdoor industry by storm! Attend this session and hear from industry gurus and founders of some of Colorado's emerging outdoor industry brands who put the sharing economy at the center of their business models.


Host: Sarah Laughlin, Founder & CEO, Slope Threads

Justine Barone, CEO, GEARO
Aaron Bible, Lifestyle writer & editor for Men’s Health, BackPacker, Elevation Outdoors
Chris Baker, Co-Founder, Wayfinder Co-op
May Lilley, VP Marketing, Under Canvas
Exact Individual TBD- Activity Center Lead with REI (Cherry Creek State Park Boat Rental Program)

Format: 45-60 mins of discussion followed by 15-30 of Q&A