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Wednesday, Sep 17
9:00am — 10:30am
Code Talent
306 attending

0101: Building Dev Teams and Culture is not Binary

Discuss with Denver's startup leaders (Founders/Exec team from Photobucket, Ping, SendGrid, & SolidFire) how to strategically build teams and organizational culture. Do you hire the Dev Manager or Developers first? Does culture trump technical skillset? Are recruiters (contingent or corporate) assets or parasites? How scalable is "passion"? What impact does an exit (acquisition or IPO) have on morale, teams, culture, and how to prepare for this event?

Loni Spratt, Head of Customer Success & Recruiter Evangelist @Entelo
Mike Clark: CTO @Photobucket
Brenda Moss: Dir, Worldwide Talent Acquisition @ Ping Identity
Josh Ashton, Dir of People @SendGrid
Dave Barr: VP, Software Development @SolidFire
Conor Swanson, Co-Founder @LoHi Labs and Three Cents App
Moderator: Andrew Parrott, Engineering Recruiting Team Lead @SolidFire

Hiring poorly--especially early on--can cost you the company and/or your reputation. Building a scalable, values-based hiring process early on is pivotal to building and sustaining the right team.