Creative Startups LABS, Pre-Accelerator (Day 4 of 4): The Demo, LIVE
Thursday 9/27
2:00pm — 4:00pm
9 attending

Come see the live pitches from the 15-20 startups tackled the challenge of the high intensity 4-day Creative Startups’ LABS Pre-Accelerator, adapted exclusively for Denver Startup Week.

Lena Ramfelt, PhD, Teacher
Anthony Morgan, Workforce Solution and U NETWORK

LABS at Denver Startup Week is taught by Lena Ramfelt, PhD and Anthony Morgan. Lena has been teaching entrepreneurship for over 20+ years including a 12-year stint at Stanford University. From micro-entrepreneurs in Nepal to moguls in Silicon Valley, Lena has worked with entrepreneurs in every market imaginable. Anthony has advised and coached thousands of socially-conscious business leaders working on challenges in low-wealth communities, with youth, and with veterans. He is the Owner and CEO of HIBRED Workforce Solutions and is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Create U NETWORK.
Want to be one of the 20? We are accepting 15-20 creative entrepreneurs for guaranteed participation in Creative Startups LABS, Pre-Accelerator Program. Auditing space will be available up to the capacity of the venue.
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