Developer Lunch & Learn
Thursday 9/27
12:00pm — 1:30pm
44 attending

LadyCoders and WomenTechOver will host a technical lunch and learn for developers. There will be three technical talks, each 20 min, given by senior women and non-binary technologists. The talks will be timely and include the topics of cryptocurrency, augmented reality, robotics and AI.

Two organizations focused on advancing the careers of women and non-binary technologists will partner to bring a lunch and learn to the technical community.

LadyCoders mission is to help women and non-binary technologists who are on the frontlines of tech’s diversity and inclusion problem thrive in their careers and stay in the industry.

WomenTechOver seeks to create a community of women all over the world who get together to talk about their tech (not their struggle) and who continuously inspire other women and girls to pursue tech careers and fight for more inclusive work environments.

This will be a sponsored lunch and learn. Everyone is welcome!

Location TBA