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Tuesday, Sep 25
10:00am — 11:30am
Galvanize (Golden Triangle) - No Sessions
370 attending

The *New and Improved* 'Building Trust and Brand Loyalty'

Consumers have become smarter when it comes to being seduced by brands. It's no longer just about a nice color palette and witty copywriting (still important!). It's no longer only about website experience or Instagram content (still important!). With the evolution of digitally-native brands, marketers have had to think strategically and creatively when it comes to bonding with consumers consumers online AND offline to ultimately scale business. There's a fine balance between taking risks and growing the business--it's important that the bells and whistles of your brand are everywhere the consumer is. This panel will uncover creative tactics used to build impressionable brands and the strategic thinking behind it.

Being a consumer-facing brand these days is hard! There is such a revolution happening right now with brands creating more off-line, tangible (yet strategic) marketing efforts to bond with consumers: publications, pop ups, publicity stunts, to name a few.

This panel is meant to inspire attendees to rethink their marketing channels, cast a larger net in terms of creating experiences for customers and establish a more actionable and effective marketing strategy. We'll talk about current efforts and lessons learned. We'll go beyond the high-level conversation around 'the importance of brand strategy' and discuss actionable tactics the attendees can grow their business with.

We've created an engaging group of panelists with first-hand stories of creative applications to grow a unique brand effectively:
_Gillian Grefé, Sr Manager of Brand @ Havenly
_Maris Johansson, VP of Marketing @ Artifact Uprising
_Cameron Schaefer, Head of Music & Brand @ Vinyl Me, Please

Moderated by Luz Plaza.

This topic is not only about inventing creative ways to communicate with consumers, but it's also absolutely about creating really fun projects to work on. That's where the passion comes from!

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Galvanize (Golden Triangle) - No Sessions (1062 Delaware St.)