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Monday, Sep 24
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver
285 attending

Just Enough Research

Research is often the first task that gets skipped over in the product development process when there is little time, few resources, or a combination of the two. Although it's easy to skip research, and move straight in to development, doing so can prevent you from unlocking the true potential of your product or service. Even if it seems like you can't fit research into your process, you can't afford not to.

This talk will give you three resources to incorporate into your product development process:
-- Key points for selling research to your internal and external stakeholders
-- Lean user research methods that can help you learn a lot, and will cost you very little
-- A framework for synthesizing your research findings and moving them through your ideation pipeline

About the Speaker:
Hillary Pitts is a product manager and marketer based in Denver. For the last seven years, she has helped shape product roadmaps and growth strategies across a wide variety of industries and verticals. Working in an agency setting for the majority of her career, Hillary has consulted primarily on mobile and IoT applications for clients ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Recently, she has consulted on SEO strategies for various product launches and consulted on UX strategy across the ShapeShift portfolio of products. You can now find her working with the team at FullContact on their consumer line of business. In her spare time, she enjoys going to ETHDenver events, spending time with her fur children, and playing tabletop games.