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Friday, Sep 28
10:00am — 11:30am
Enterprise Coworking
587 attending

6 Hacks To Make LinkedIn Marketing Your Secret Weapon

With more marketing budgets focusing on social media, one impactful and often overlooked option is LinkedIn. Not many people would think of LinkedIn as a social network but it has more than 500 million members, half of which are active on a monthly basis. When you are trying to promote your B2B product or service, you should focus on hitting people when they are in their business state of mind. Brady Akers, Associate Director of Digital Marketing at Moore, one of the nation’s top communications companies for the last 25 years, teams up with other LinkedIn experts for an interactive panel that takes you through six hacks – and examples of how they’ve worked with other startups – to make the most of your marketing budget. The presentation will also explore new and upcoming features of LinkedIn’s marketing platform that will take your outreach efforts to the next level. From extreme targeting to integrated campaigns, our secrets will help you surpass your sales goals.

-Targeting so precise snipers would be jealous
-Be a LEADer
-Slide into those DMs (InMail)
-Thought Leadership (presented directly to your prospects)
-Make your own Tom (Give a face to your employees)
-Test with the best