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Tuesday, Sep 25
10:00am — 11:30am
WeWork Tabor Center
269 attending

Bootstrapping your SaaS to $20k+ MRR in year one

You don't always need funding to build a successful startup! Come listen to a panel of startup founders who successfully self-funded their SaaS platforms to $20k+ monthly recurring revenue in their first year. (And no, none of us are rich!) They'll share tips on idea validation, preparation, product launches, early growth and how to get by on a tight budget. They'll also talk about struggles with work-life balance, challenges they encountered, and mistakes they made along the way.

The panel will feature:

The panel will be moderated by Adam Melin, a trained certified public accountant working for EKS&H (soon to be Platte Moran) who has transitioned to be a couples and individual therapist with his own private practice (http://www.adammelin.com).

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WeWork Tabor Center (1200 17th Street, 27th Floor)